Large Honeycomb Calcite Slabs Retrieved From Mine


Slabs up to 200 pounds to be honed & polished for sale

This past November, I ventured on a road trip to purchase from the

Honeycomb Calcite mine, sufficient stone slabs to restock the inventory

of my business: Desert Homestead Stone Products (see link at right).

This use of the stone was employed in a similar fashion on the adobe

out-building I completed in 2001 (see photo-illustration below)


Back-lit Slab Showing Stone’s Unfinished Exterior


Honeycomb Calcite in Adobe Out-Building

I came across this stone at the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show in 2000. I was building an adobe out-building at the time and when I first saw the translucent nature of Honeycomb Calcite, I envisioned how I could apply the stone artistically in the building structure. 

From that time forward, I developed a business relationship with the mine owners and started selling this magnificent type of calcite.

The three photos below illustrate the process of placing an 18” X 9” Honeycomb Calcite slab in an adobe wall, with the bottom photo showing the slab’s ‘stained-glass’ effect in the completed building.



I plan to retain a couple of the slabs shown in the photo at top, for artistic

use; in providing a ‘stained -glass’ window effect in the earthen walls of the

 Cob Studio that I have under construction. 

(see photo below)




For additional photos showing Honeycomb Calcite built into the wall of this

cob studio, follow this link: Architectual


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